Buckingham Palace Diamond Jubilee Cake

I get enquiries for all types of theme cakes so nothing really phases me anymore, yet when this enquiry came through I must say I did take a deep breath. The brief sounded simple enough, make a cake for 500 people for a Diamond Jubilee party. Only thing is it has to be a facsimile of Buckingham Palace and we really don’t want any compromises.  The cake was destined for a well known hotel chain who were used to having only the best. No pressure then!

So the planning began.  The shopping list was huge, trust me you get some funny looks when you enter a shop and ask for 120 eggs, 7kg of butter, 6kg flour, 3kg icing sugar and so on. One of the issues with a cake this size would be transportation so I decided to make it in five separate pieces. That would also help me in sizing the various aspects of the palace and make it a little easier to make. After quite a bit of research on the net I had all the pictures I needed to begin work. Lastly I had decided that the cake should be a characterture of Buckingham Palace and I had a particular idea how it should look, I think it turned out pretty well you be the judge.

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Sponge Cake Layers | Cakemakers in Watford


The starting point…a table full of 9″ square sponge cakes (15 to be precise) all waiting to be transformed into a palace fit for a queens jubilee.



Red White and Blue Sponge Cake | Buckingham Palace Cake




Patriotic to the core.  8 layers of sponge separated by red, white and blue butter icing.

Sponge Cake | Watford CakesThe end of day one of the build. Not quite a palace yet, but finally I have five cakes layered, filled and crumb coated awaiting decoration.

Cake Icing | Buckingham Palace Cake



A couple of hours of kneading later and we have 8kg of palace coloured icing.

Cake Icing | Themed Sponge CakesPhase one of decoration (and the trickiest part) each cake receives it’s covering of palace coloured icing.

Cake Icing Decoration Begins


Carefully trimming the icing that covers the roof sections of the palace.  That brings us to the end of day two (most of the day was taken up with kneading and rolling icing!  Progress speeds up from hereon in!)

Cake Decorating Begins



Time to start with the detail.  Adding the textured layers to the lower section of the walls and beginning to build the balconies.

Royal Icing Decoration



Keeping it neat and tidy…smoothing off the royal icing used to attach the balcony sections.

Buckingham Palace Cake in The Making


Starting to take shape.  The centre apex has now been added, along with the balconies, roof balustrades and cladding to the lower walls.

Buckingham Palace Cake Pictures



Examining one of my many reference pictures to make sure I get every detail.


Buckingham Palace Cake Planning



Trying to work out the placement of the columns, pillars and windows.


Royal Icing | Buckingham Palace Cake



Pillars and columns now firmly attached, time to get on with piping royal icing to create some of the fine detail.

Royal Icing Over Sugar Paste | Royal Crests



Using royal icing over sugar paste rings to create the royal crests. A delicate touch is required here!


Buckingham Palace Centre Section



Close up of the centre section of the palace. Still a long way to go but with the first details in place it’s becoming more recognisable.

Buckingham Palace Cake Landscape View


End of day three of the build and it’s coming together nicely .


Icing The Cake


A steady hand and lots of patience needed! I don’t know about writer’s cramp, but after this I think I had icers cramp!

Buckingham Palace Cake Windows Added


 Looks the same this way too!



 Buckingham Palace Cake Bricks


100 miniature bricks hand cut and shaped. 80 windows of varying sizes all ready to be added to the palace.

Buckingham Palace Cake Balustrade Detail


The glazers have visited the palace. First lot of windows in place, now time to hand pipe the details on.


Buckingham Palace Cake Windows


The windows are complete on this section and the brick details have been added above the columns.

End Elevation|Buckingham Palace Cake



Very nearly complete section. Everything is done except for the final details that were piped on to the columns the following day.

Piping Icing | Windows Buckingham Palace



Piping the details on the windows.

Buckingham Palace Cake Icing Bricks


The brickie has arrived…adding the brick details to the palace. Once this is done the only thing left to do is pipe the crest on the apex of the centre section. This marks the end of day 4.

Venue Setting | Palace Themed Cake



Setting up at the venue using a very regal looking red velour covered piece of MDF as the cake board. Section 3 is about to be placed…

Cake Setup Party Venue


 The third section of the palace is revealed from its box, now for the tricky bit…sliding it off the box and alongside the centre section without damaging it!

Setup Venue Buckingham Palace Cake



It’s made it out of the box, but I’m pretty sure Buckingham Palace doesn’t have a gap like that…time for a little gentle shuffling.

Setting Up The Venue | Watford Cakes


Section 4 making an appearance, each section was harder to place than the previous one as the space to manoeuvre was becoming more limited!

Cake Making | Ickletweats


Gently sliding it off the box using a palate knife and a very steady hand! The sheer weight of each section made this operation tricky.

Buckingham Palace Cake Final Section



Almost there! Final section being placed with a last gentle nudge on to the board.

Buck Palace Completed


The cake is in place on its board! All five sections complete and side by side.

Party Venue Setting | Watford Cakes


Now for the perfectionist in me to take over…Time to check over the cake for any bits of icing that may have come loose in transit and repair.


Buckingham Palace Detail | Ickletweats



Close up of the centre section showing the hand piped arms on the apex.


Final Cleanup Buck Palace Cake


A final dust down with a dry soft brush to remove any loose crumbs and icing sugar.

 Tidy Up The Cake Board


The board gets the same treatment too, no room for shoddiness here!

 Final Cake Cleanup



A final check of the details for reparations.

  Cake Board Final Cleanup



Removing the last few crumbs from the board.

The Royal Standard | Buckingham Palace Cake


The final touch…the Queen is at home so the Royal Standard must be raised. (The flag and pole are the only sections of the cake that are not edible. I would have made my own from icing, but with only two weeks from the order being placed to the cake being completed I was a little short on time!)

Fit For A Queen | Watford Cakes



A palace fit for a queen!

 Buckingham Palace Cake Display | Watford Cakes


This picture really shows the size! The cake measured approximately 40″ wide.

 Diamond Jubilee Buckingham Palace Cake


The cake in all its glory.  The perfect centre piece for a jubilee celebration!

  Buckingham Palace Cake Presentation



And just to add to the festive feel, a little bit of union flag bunting.

Buckingham Palace Celebration Cake | Watford Cakes


120 eggs, 6kg caster sugar, 7.3kg butter, 6kg flour, 3kg icing sugar, 400ml vanilla extract and 8kg of icing later and here I stand by my biggest cake made to date.  It was a long week, but I think it was worth it!

So there you have it, this was a great project to be involved with and I enjoyed the challenge. Would I make another? Well lets hope that our Queen manages another ten years and we shall see!

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